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SIMÓN Premiere in FFF

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Making a movie is a miracle. The odds are always stacked against you. But finishing a movie and getting the chance to screen it in a packed theater is a gift from the gods of cinema. Diego Vicentini's first feature is as powerful as we envisioned, but it hits harder than we expected. I'm proud to be one of the producers of this magnificent film.

Simón tells the story of a Venezuelan student leader who finds himself in Miami, broke and broken, during the daunting process of seeking political asylum. There's a hole in his soul. His spirit has been squashed. He's dealing with a severe case of PTSD as well as the guilt for actually having escaped the regime. Simón is torn between starting from scratch in a new world, and returning home to resume the fight. At its core, Simon is about how we turn guilt, anger and grieve into understanding, forgiveness and love.

We had our world premiere at the Florida Film Festival in Orlando. We sold out our two screenings and the reception was incredible. I was thrilled and super excited to see the cast and crew make an effort to show up and be there for our first official screening, but when the credits rolled and the lights came back up, I was truly humbled and overwhelmed by the nearly two minute standing ovation the film received from the festival audience. I was well aware that we had made a beautiful film, but I wasn't expecting it to awaken such profound and intense emotional reaction.

I truly hope you get a chance to see it soon. We're working on it ;)

Go follow SIMÓN on social media to keep up with our festival run and upcoming screenings.


Christian McGaffney

Roberto Jaramillo

Jana Nawartschi

Luis Alejandro Silva

Franklin Virguez

Prakriti Maduro

Pedro Pablo Porras


Writer / Director: Diego Vicentini

DP: Horacio Martinez

Prod Design: Panchi Sanfuentes

Line Producer: Rafael Rodriguez

1st AD: Arturo Manuitt

Casting: Lauren Herrel

Editor: Diego Vicentini

Composer: Freddy Sheinfield

Producers: Jorge Antonio González - Marcel Rasquin - Diego Vicentini

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